Core Values

  • Caring about the people we’re involved with: reputation for fairness
  • Listening to input from others: providing an atmosphere of candor
  • Excellence: Product value; Recognizable difference; Outstanding product
  • Integrity
  • Respect for all employees

Core Purpose
To improve the lives of people who build

Vivid Descriptions
We believe the building industry is in need of change and leadership. We will not wait for change to approach us. We will seek change, define the most acceptable method of construction, and ensure the people we touch along the way are somehow better off as a result of having worked with us.

We will be the most innovative builder. We will focus on efficiency in all areas of our operations and design for simplification in construction. We will produce highly desirable products and we’ll know we are leading the industry when the main focus of many of our competitors is on copying our products and methods.

We will promote a Clear Enterprise System: all things visible, obvious, and as simple as possible. All opportunities will be evaluated for compatibility with our vision to ensure that we always serve our core purpose: to improve the lives of people who build. As a result of our efforts, we will attract the best talent to R-Anell. We will focus on identifying and developing our future leaders from within. We will look first to choose
our future leaders from those who help us create a continuously improving environment and work obsessively to achieve the vision.

We will know we have reached our goal when we have waste-free processes in place for all aspects of our business. We will be sought out to assist others in their lean transformation and we’ll be recognized by the highest quality governing bodies as measurably the best. Organizations like JD Powers will refer to us as the best in building. We will redefine terms like “industry standard” and change the conventional wisdom. The
R-Anell building system will become the preferred method of construction and people will come to us because we define the best.