How to apply for a production associate position:

R-Anell Housing Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer and promotes a diverse workforce. Individuals of all genders, races, colors and national origins are encouraged to apply. Click here to read our Anti-discrimination policy (link should go to the anti-descrimination page)

We are not a manufacturing company, but a construction company that builds custom homes, apartments, condos, and commercial buildings. They are simply built in a very large, quality-controlled environment, not subject to inclement weather, in sections that are shipped and assembled on an existing foundation provided by the contractor. Our homes, apartments, condos and commercial buildings are built to higher standards than other site built construction, and excellence and precision are included throughout our product line.

We have the same type jobs that a builder would have in constructing a house: carpenters, mill shop specialists, flooring specialists, wall building specialists, wall setting specialists, roof build specialists, roof set specialists, shinglers, trim carpenters, electrical specialists, plumbing specialists, sheet rock finishers, painters and final finishers. Almost all of our positions require the ability to lift and carry 70 pounds, or more, throughout the work day, and most all positions require carpenter hand tools that you provide, and the ability to read a tape. The company prefers experienced personnel in the above positions. We are a lean staffed company that emphasizes the highest quality, and all positions require a continuous, very fast pace throughout the work day. The production schedule is 4-ten hour days, 6:30 AM-5:10 PM Mon.-Thur. All applicants accepted for employment must pass a drug screen. 

Thank you for considering R-Anell Housing Group as an employer.