Home Buying Steps

1. Locate a site
If you don't already have a building site chosen, an R-Anell Builder will work with you to locate the perfect parcel. Whether you're looking for a large acreage, city lot, or privacy in the country, our builders have access to hundreds of home sites.

2. Plan Concept/Site Evaluations
Once the builder has determined the scope what you want to build, they’ll visit your site to plan your project and anticipate any obstacles. This will provide them with the information needed to accurately determine your building costs based on your property.

3. Design Your home
Some of the benefits of working with an R-Anell Builder is it enables them to understand what your vision is and you are working directly with an owner. The builder translates your thoughts into a workable floor plan and site plan, incorporating all related structures on the building site.

4. Proposal-Itemized Pricing
A careful review of your site's requirements allows the builder to minimize or eliminate cost over-runs or change orders that can become costly and stressful.

5. Arrange Financing
In the event you don't have a lender to assist you in the sometimes complicated world of finance, R-Anell Builders have developed relationships with prominent local lenders that streamline the mortgage process, giving you a sense of security.

6. Coordinate Key Activities
When your finances are secured, the R-Anell Builder will navigate the sometimes turbulent course of coordinating local permits, surveys, perk tests, and zoning to verify that your site is buildable and meets all state and county requirements.

7. Pre-Construction Conference
Before construction begins, the R-Anell Builder will meet with you to review the entire project (including all paperwork) to minimize errors & verify accuracy. The builder wants to make sure everyone understands the itinerary of the project once it begins.

8. Inspection on Foundation/ First Walk Through
When framing is complete and major components are in place the R-Anell Builder will meet with you at your new home to view your new home for the first time. You will get to see how your dreams and vision transformed into a home.

9. Finish Site Constructions
The builder will coordinate all of the final construction tasks and obtain a "Certificate of Occupancy" from the county, verifying compliance of all codes for state and local municipalities.

10. Final Inspection
Upon completion of the construction process, the R-Anell builder will meet you at your new home to review all functions of the home and provide an orientation of the homes features and systems.

11. Courtesy Visit
As a complimentary service, the R-Anell Builder will return to your home one additional time within the first 12 months after Certificate of Occupancy to provide an interior cosmetic touch up and repair any remaining warranty items.

12. Peace of Mind
Every home built by R-Anell Homes includes a standard 10-Year Structural Warranty to ensure your peace of mind. In addition, several components have warranties exceeding 10 years, such as (but not limited to): siding, underlayment, and shingles. Additional warranties are available.