Go Green

Effective July 2011 R-Anell Homes and BIS, LLC Partner to Provide ENERGY STAR and Eco-First Green Building Program

Do Your Part to Protect the Environment and Go Green

Most people don't realize that their home impacts the environment more than their car. Research shows that more than half of all greenhouse gases and pollutants come from buildings. As a society we have built our economy on energy that will eventually run out.

To counteract this, builders such as R-Anell have been doing their part to help the environment and provide homeowners with better built, higher quality and more energy efficient home. Building with Green materials means to use valuable resources such as energy, water, materials and land more efficiently compared to traditional building codes.
•R-Anell's building processes already leans toward green construction by creating less construction waste.
•Lumber is precut and material orders are precise.
•R-Anell homes are normally sealed much tighter and have less energy loss than traditional site-built methods.
As a builder using systems-built construction, R-Anell can give you a head start on your path towards Green construction.

To Go Green, R-Anell partners with one of our builders and the wishes of the homeowners to reach the desired level of certification.

We invite you to come visit our plant and talk with one of the builders, or do some individual research to know and understand what can be done to help conserve energy, live healthier and protect our environment.

Join the growing trend of eco-friendly construction. So when you make the decision to buy a home, build an R-Anell home with our Green Starter* option.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Construction
•Cost to Go Green – Typically 3-10% More Than Standard Homes, Yet All This Investment and More can be Earned Back in Energy Savings
•Occupant Health and Safety
•Energy Efficiency
•Water Efficiency
•Efficient Use of Materials Leads to Waste Reduction
•Reduce Pollutants and "Ecological Footprint"

More Information:

*Green Starter package includes; Low E Vinyl Single-Hung Windows, R-38 batt roof insulation, Techshield® roof sheathing, housewrap, electric tankless water heater, vent microwave outside, carbon monoxide and smoke detector combinations, granite tops in kitchen and ceramic or marble in baths, and all appliances ENERGY STAR certified.