How We Build

 First, Why Build with a Modular Building System?

Simply stated, using a modular building system enables you to get a better-built home for less money, in a more timely manner, without sacrificing anything!

Because your modular home is constructed at our manufacturing facilities, we have the advantage and buying power of purchasing the best materials and components in large quantities at a substantial savings which is a savings we pass along to you.

Modular is becoming the preferred building method for many homebuyers. Since the early 90s modular housing production has increased substantially. In the last few years as people have come to realize the advantages of modular building systems and the naturally “Green” attributes and energy efficiency of the product it is becoming even more popular. In some countries, including Japan, modular enjoys the same market share as in the U.S. yet cost substantially more thanm on-site building. Modular and site-built homes are both built to the same state, regional and local codes wherever they are built.

Manufactured homes, on the other hand, which R-Anell does not build, are constructed according to the Federal Construction Safety Standards Act (HUD/CODE). They must be constructed on a non-removable steel chassis and, as a result, are forbidden in many communities.

Builders like modular building systems because it saves the headaches, coordination problems and extra expense of working with multiple contractors. Our buying power means lower costs and, because assembly takes place in the factory, builders avoid costs associated with weather damage, waste and theft as well. And, of course, the superior quality and shorter punch list reflects well on the.