R-Anell has been building the modular way for more than three decades. Our Multi-Family & Commercial division works with developers across the Southeast, bringing the projects they imagine to life through the building expertise of the company's design, engineering and manufacturing teams.

R-Anell Multi-Family & Commercial is at the forefront of the multi-family housing market.  Developers that work with R-Anell know their project is going to be produced in a state of the art manufacturing facility and they know what they are going to get and when they are going to get it. We can provide a viable alternative in the development of any apartment, townhome, condominium or professional building project. 

As one of the Southeast's largest suppliers of factory-built construction, R-Anell Multi-Family & Commercial provides the expertise to make complicated projects move with ease. Whether you're a developer, general contractor, builder or investor, R-Anell can save you money and make your project easier to manage. R-Anell combines precision construction techniques with the best materials to make your commercial venture a success.

For more information please call us - 800-951-5511.