What our homeowners are saying about R-Anell Modular Homes

Building our modular homes right means putting the homebuyer's imagination and our teamís efforts into every design detail and construction step. Homeowners are finding that their R-Anell Homes reflect the very qualities and amenities they sought. Here is what a few have said:

  • Trinity C.

    Buying an R-Anell Home was the best thing we've ever done. The layout of our home, the quality and the overall look of our home is more than we'd hoped for. We are so pleased with our home and so are our 2 boys ages 1 and 5. Thank you R-Anell. 

    Trinity C.
    Claudville, VA

  • Nancy C.

    Our home is beautiful and extremely well built. We could not be happier (unless we won the lottery!) R-Anell is the epitome of what a good business should be.  

    Nancy C.
    Fair Play, SC

  • Leslie & Charles

    When we started looking at modular homes we weren't quite sure this was the way to go, but after looking at different models by different companies, we changed our minds. And we are glad we did! R-Anell definitely has the best homes out there. They were happy to work with us on some design changes, the house came together in a timely manner, and they have been very responsive even to the tiniest issues. The house is strong, well insulated and tight, and eco-friendly. We love our home & we love R-Anell! Leslie & Charles  

    Leslie & Charles
    Rutherfordton, NC

  • A. M.

    We purchased an R-Anell home 11 years ago. Best purchase we ever made.  

    A. M.
    Taylorsville, NC